The Tinder Connection :: Caroline and Jeremy

The Tinder Connection :: Caroline and Jeremy

A few weeks ago Caroline posted a photo on Instagram of herself and her boyfriend, Jeremy. I was really taken with the image simply because I could easily see how happy Caroline was and I love seeing that with kids I know. Since I was heading to Chicago on Sunday to photograph a gorgeous high school senior, I asked Caroline and Jeremy to meet up with me so that I could create a few images of them. I was truly just using the two of them for their cuteness because I knew with Caroline involved there was bound to be craziness and laughter. Of course my blog always looks better when it has happy, good looking people on it. While having a wonderful brunch after the shoot, the cute people mentioned that they met on Tinder. Of course most people, including myself, give a little snicker when they hear that, but as Caroline explained, it isn’t any different that going to a bar or club and meeting someone. There just happens to be social media involved. And when you think about it, it’s not any different than my college roommate inviting me to a party that my future husband happened to be a part of….I was just lucky to have picked him up before anyone else did.

So we did a mini shoot around Lincoln Park in Chicago. They smooched a bit, played some hopsctoch, practiced their staring skills, smooched some more and then we all ATE!! When posting a photo from Sunday on Instagram, Caroline made sure that everyone knew they were NOT engaged….they were just there to make my blog look good. And they certainly did. Thanks for meeting us you two!!


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September 17, 2015 - 2:31 am

Jerry Hogeveen - Terrific shots, great subjects and wonderful composition.