The Mothers who raised me

The Mothers who raised me……

I know this blog post will resonate with many people. I know it will resonate most with women like me who have, or had, a wonderful mother in their life, but also had the love and guidance of other women who you might as well refer to as “the other mothers”. My mother had four sisters, now just two, but each of them played the role of “other mother in my life”. I was really fortunate to grow up in a small town in New Jersey and besides having my aunts to admonish and guide me, I also had the love of my mother’s closest friends who also played the role of part-time mom. These were women I sought out. These were the women I asked questions of and whose kitchens I sat in and sobbed when my father passed. These were the women I would cling to when my mother was wrapped in her grief. These were the people who shared their newborn and toddler secrets so that I could tread motherhood. These women, some who are still here, and others who are not, shaped me. They will always be a part of my heart and soul.

Last week one of my mothers, Betty Michaels, left us to be with Our Lord. After a five year courageous battle with cancer, she made her journey home. This was a woman who I am sure played the role of mother to many young men and women in her lifetime. She had five children and twelve grandchildren who no doubt shared her with lots of friends. The beauty of Mrs. Michaels (I couldn’t call her Betty even as an adult) was her joy of kids and family. She loved spending time chatting and learning what was new in your life. Always asking, always caring, always being present in the moment. As I reflected this morning on her presence in my life, I realized that God put her there for all the important occasions….college, engagement, wedding and kids. The last time we spoke was in the spring…I told her that I loved her. I know she loved me. I’m confident in her love and I feel honored that I was part of that circle.

Mr. Michaels, Laurie, Mary Claire, William, Patricia and Robert: my heart aches for your loss, my heart sings with your sweet memories. She was one of a kind, and I will love her always.

Patricia and Mrs. Michaels journeyed to Virginia with my mom to visit me at school….


The day I got engaged….she was there with the best hugs. On my wedding day hanging with the Holy Spirit crowd:-) 

A visit home was not complete without us catching up and hugging it out!
And as my family grew, a stop at The Michaels home to see the train set at Christmas was always a must. 

Always joyful, always caring, I will miss you tremendously. 



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