Scottsdale Arizona Wedding and Event Venue :: Desert Foothills

Loved shooting at The Desert Foothills. I was really excited to photograph this venue for a friend in Arizona who is an event coordinator. She had called me to just take a few shots of the venue during an event and we also shot a short video. Both turned out really well. It just so happened that the guest entertainment that evening was Lyle Lovett. If I was actually photographing the event for the client I would never have had the opportunity to be standing behind the barn, watching a gorgeous sunset when Mr. Lovett said hello. Not wanting to miss an opportunity and also not wanting to kick myself later, I asked Mr. Lovett if I could photograph him. He was beyond kind and gracious. When I showed him the images on my camera he asked if I could send them over to him. Since then I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lovett again in Indiana. I now have an autographed image of Mr. Lovett on my office wall. All because a friend asked for a favor.

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