Rachel :: Kinnelon, NJ Class of 2015

Rachel :: Kinnelon Class of 2015

Facebook really is an amazing marketing tool for those in this business. Back in June I posted on FB that I was heading to New Jersey to see family and friends. We had a few family events planned and my kids were flying and driving in as well to hang for the week. Shortly after posting on FB I booked four seniors in the North Jersey area who all had ties to me in some way. A couple were my girlfriends’ kids who were becoming seniors, one was a client from Indiana who would be finishing theater camp in NYC as I arrived and finally, one was the niece of a client from here in Indiana. The last…the niece of a client was Miss Rachel. We planned a wonderful day of shooting around her hometown of Kinnelon and also made our way to downtown Denville. We had a blast even though it was mighty HOT!! Rachel chose some wonderful clothes for her shoot, tons of great accessories and smiled like a trooper through 7-8 clothing changes!! Gotta like a girl who goes the extra mile!

New Jersey-Senior-Photographer-Kinnelon-Gorgeous_105
New Jersey-Senior-Photographer-Kinnelon-Gorgeous_106
New Jersey-Senior-Photographer-Kinnelon-Gorgeous_109
New Jersey-Senior-Photographer-Kinnelon-Gorgeous_108
New Jersey-Senior-Photographer-Kinnelon-Gorgeous_107
New Jersey-Senior-Photographer-Kinnelon-Gorgeous_111

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