Momma Bear and her Babe :: Phoenix Family Photographer

Momma Bear and her Babe :: Phoenix Family Photographer

When chatting with Megan about a session for herself and her daughter Sofie, I kinda nudged her to do a “Day in the Life” session. Instead of meeting for a planned session in a local park, or outdoor venue, I convinced this momma to let me knock on her door at 7:30 am on a recent Saturday and photograph everything that happened for a few hours.

When I first arrived Sofie had just woken up….and it took all of five minutes for her to turn “on”. The day began with a little breakfast and as soon as Sofie saw my cameras she ran to her room and found her camera to take photos of me:-)


Every mother knows the love/hate relationship you can have with your child’s carseat. And when it gets a bit cruddy, you take off the cover and throw it in the wash. Putting it back on is where patience comes in especially if a two year old wants to help!


After a quick ride around the house on momma’s back, it was time to get in the tub and get all Sofie Soapy! After watching Megan leaning over the tub I started to remember a few backaches!


Getting a two year old to sit while mom takes care of her hair is quite the adventure! Watching Megan keep Sofie entertained was remarkable.

Worth every moment when you get those kinda hugs:-) 


We headed outside to take in the gorgeous Arizona weather…sixty and sunny and plenty of baseball and donuts! 


Dear Megan,

Being a mom is exhausting. Being a mom is thrilling. Being a mom means learning new things. Being a mom teaches you to see others in a totally different light. Being a mom means someone else comes first. Being a mom humbles you. All of these things I learned raising my boys. It’s what you are learning as you raise Sofie. Never doubt for a moment that you are doing it right or are somehow not up to par. You are an amazing mother to Sofie. She is an incredibly smart, and beautiful little girl, and you are her role model. She is so fortunate to look up to a strong, confident and talented human being. I enjoyed every moment of our Saturday morning and I hope we see one another again soon!



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