James :: Class of 2014 | Zionsville Senior Photographer

I sincerely love working with each senior and each family that travels across my lens. Every once in awhile though a family comes along that I just LOVE spending time with, and the Duplers are one of those families. I’v had the pleasure of photographing the entire crew three times and their seniors twice. Both Robert and James are such wonderful young men and so easy to photograph, laugh, and spend time with. They make my job so very easy. I know going into each shoot that I’ll be smiling the whole time and loving the images we create. We photographed James senior images this past fall and we had a blast. Now that both guys will have graduated, I’ll probably go through withdrawals this coming fall:-(

Meet James.

James and his dad have been restoring an old Impala. It is his pride and joy…
And as a memory of the hours they’ve spent working on her….James and Jim.
This image just cracks me up. If you know James you know that he is quite the kidder…always up for a show…gun show that is:-)
Thank you Duplers for choosing Amici Photography to capture this special times. You’re in my heart:-)

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