About:: Indianapolis Senior Photographer

Photography is powerful. Photography has endless possibilities. Photography is an art that can bring the viewer back to an exact moment in time. A photograph can bring instant joy, or sorrow to those that view it. I’ve spent my life with amazing people as a wife, a mom and a teacher. Now as a photographic artist I have the great pleasure of watching high school seniors laughing at my lame jokes and families snuggling on a blanket as the sun is setting behind them. I’m so in LOVE with being a part of those moments. It’s intoxicating and it never gets old. I want to create photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime and one day will look at them and smile or shed a tear.

One of my greatest joys in life is traveling with my family. I love all of it. The planning, the anticipation, the freedom of days exploring and spending time reconnecting from our hectic lives. Given the choice I would travel half the year and spend the rest of the year at home planning our next trip. We, Derek Mandel and I,  especially love visiting our extended family in Italy, Scotland and Germany. This slideshow represents some of the places we’ve journeyed to. I can’t wait to add new images from our next adventure. My name is Giovanna Mandel and I am Amici Photography!

Owner and Operator, Giovanna Mandel. Financial and Legal, Derek Mandel, Attorney.