Happy Birthday :: The Competition Continues

For as long as I can remember it’s been a competition. For everything. Who can run faster, who can hold their breath the longest, who can dive better into the pool, who can sing the loudest, who can eat the most pizza, who gives the best gift at Christmas, who is the favorite…..:-)

The past few weeks seem like a whirlwind to me as I’ve traveled here and there both for work and pleasure. In doing so I’ve missed a few things on Facebook and other social media…births of babies, birthdays or friends and former students, and most importantly, yesterday posting a loving, smoochy, saccharine “y” sweet birthday wish to my brother. We actually all had dinner last night at my mother’s apartment and had a wonderful time, but I usually post something to let them know my feelings. Alas, I missed it. I am out of the competition.

This morning my brother, Neal, posted a photo of himself with our dad on Neal’s 21st birthday. It was extremely touching and if you know Neal, you should take a moment and read it : Neal’s Post It certainly makes us all think. But I won’t steal his thunder and discuss it. What I will say is that I love each of my brothers, George, Neal and Robert, each and every day that I occupy this earth. It really doesn’t matter who is the fastest (me), smartest (me), or most talented (me)….what does matter is that we are all here to enjoy one another and we are blessed beyond measure to have one another. I will say that one of us likes to be the center of attention, but if you know us, that may be difficult to figure out. I love you Nealy Pealy. Happy 54th!!

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