Fountain Square Engagement | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Met up with Allison and Patrick for a quick engagement shoot in Fountain Square. I absolutely love what the city has done to revive this fun area. I came down to an event two years ago and a few restaurants were struggling to survive. I was thrilled to see a five or six spots just bubbling with activity, shops open later in the evening for some impromptu shopping. Allison lived across the street from us for years, and it was a very sad day when her parents sold their home and moved further south. So it’s been wonderful getting to hang with her family again and I’m looking forward to photographing her wedding in September.

Patrick is a bike enthusiast. When I found out that he and Allison both like to ride, I asked them to bring bikes to the shoot. They obliged. What I didn’t expect was the bike they came with:-) The bike is called a sidehack and it’s ridden by two. One guy is riding the actual bike and the other is on the sidecar pushing off and trying to gain speed. There is also a BMX aspect of the bikes as well….It really was very cool. It wasn’t expected, but it certainly turned heads! We started off with a few shots at the intersection of Shelby, Prospect and Virginia Ave.

I just love the next few frames that show how much fun the two of them have together. Allison wasn’t necessarily dressed for riding the sidecar, but she was looking good doing it. Patrick mentioned that the person who rides in the sidecar is referred to as the “monkey”. And all this time I thought it was just an endearment by Patrick:-)

Indianapolis has recently completed a HUGE project costing the city in excess of $63 milllion dollars to build and maintain The Cultural Trail. The trail  “is a world-class urban bike and pedestrian path that connects neighborhoods, Cultural Districts and entertainment amenities, and serves as the downtown hub for the entire central Indiana greenway system”. Basically the bike and pedestrian path connects vibrant portions of the city to one another and allows for more activity on bike and foot. I love the idea and it truly has helped to revitalize an area of the city that was falling into disrepair. We took a little bike break for Allison and Patrick to snuggle.

A little bit different ring shot….just trying to keep with the theme! Looking forward to your big day in September. About 96 days…..:-) Leave the happy couple some LOVE to show that you stopped by!

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