Coronado Kids :: Phoenix Family Photographer

Coronado Kids :: Phoenix Family Photographer

A few years ago I met Crystal and her husband for a photo shoot. At the time they had one kiddo who was just adorable. We’ve kept in contact and have completed a couple of photo shoots over the years. This year we decided to do a shoot around their home in the Historic Coronado District. The Coronado District has street after street of the most adorable bungalows and Spanish inspired homes all tucked in a neighborhood just minutes from downtown Phoenix. The revitalization of the area is evident with all of the fun restaurants and cute cafes that surround and fill the district. The beauty of the area in which Crystal, her husband and now three bambinos live, is the other families that surround them. What is even more important, is the type of childhood that they have all cultivated for their children.

Three houses in a row contain a total of seven children. If you took the time to watch the kids you might not be sure as to who lives where. The ease in which the kids move from one house to another allows for an extension of front, side and backyards. They make wonderful use of their territory as they move from game to game. One minute they are conquering new lands with light sabers in hand and the next they are setting up house in a tent on the front lawn. In the four hours I spent hanging with these families, not one child looked at a phone for entertainment (although there was a quick listen to the Notre Dame fight song), they didn’t beg to play a video game, they weren’t plopped in front of a television, and they ran with total abandonment as if you had just stepped into a 1950’s episode of “Leave It to Beaver”…or better yet, “The Little Rascals”.

These mommas and poppas have certainly created a wonderful place to grow for these exuberant children!

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February 23, 2016 - 5:39 pm

Barbara Young Wonsowicz - Awesome!

February 23, 2016 - 6:12 am

Keri Mosier - You guys are SO lucky!!! Having kids the same age that actually play well together living next door!!! ❤️❤️❤️