Clothing Choices and Locations…Katie :: Zionsville Class of 2015

Clothing Choices and Locations…Katie :: Zionsville Class of 2015

Julia phoned me a few weeks ago to set up a senior session for her daughter, Katie. I love the initial phone call because it gives me an opportunity to ask questions about the senior and moms love to gush about their kids. Julia was no different talking about Katie:-) It is also an opportunity for me to start planning the session based on the seniors interests and likes. When Julia mentioned that Katie had a ukulele that she wanted to include, my mind started to race. All sorts of questions started percolating…what kind of clothing was she bringing? Did she have a hat? Did she like to sing? Would she sing for me? Is she outgoing or quiet? Does she like to dance? All of the thoughts just coming pouring with the mention of a ukelele:-) And when we finally met and I started to look at the clothing Katie had brought along, those ideas solidify as we choose specific locations for her clothing.

I instruct my high school senior girls to being 7-8 outfits for the shoot. We may not use every single one, but 7-8 outfits gives me enough variety to do two things. It gives me choices of where to shoot matching great backgrounds with selected clothing, and it gives me an overall feel for the senior’s style. And if you’re struggling about what to wear for your senior shoot, check out our Pinterest boards for inspiration.

This first outfit is a classic dress that photographs so well in Downtown Zionsville.  If choosing a dress or shirt with stripes, choose a stripe as Katie did that aren’t small stripes really close together. With some of the guys dress shirts a moire pattern can emerge and it starts to look really funky. The beauty of Katie’s first choice is that the dress is classic, grandma will love it and she has added a beautiful necklace to add pizzaz to the entire look!


After shooting a few other items, Katie changed into a really cute pair of pink and blue shorts, a white top and a beautiful, well-worn denim jacket. Again she had a fun chunky gold necklace to offset the country look and make it a bit more high fashion. The perfect look for a couple of shots downtown and then a trip to the farm where we could find some tall grass, flowers and SINGING!!!


We hiked up the hill to find a location with some overgrown grass and sprinkles of purple flowers. Perfect spot for a girl and her ukelele! 


The last clothing change was completely casual and a great way to end our time at the farm. A cute sleeveless t-shirt, a pair of olive green fatigues and topped off with a long gold pendant necklace. Perfect.

Each outfit suited the different sides of Katie’s personality and also gives great variety to her ordering choices. When shooting a session I want my seniors and my parents to realize that even though they will give these photos to lots of different friends and family members, the main focus is for the photos to represent the true personality of the senior at this time in their life. I hope that as seniors look back on these images 20-30 years from now, they can easily recall what they felt like at this age and what a wonderful time in life it was.


Senior sessions are more than half way booked for this fall. If you are interested in Amici Photography capturing your unique look, give us a call at 317.371.3097. Can’t wait to meet all of you!! And feel free to leave Katie some love in the blog comments below. 2013_08_27_19_36_54.pdf000

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July 16, 2014 - 2:44 pm

Giovanna Matarazzo Mandel - Agreed Melessa:-)

July 15, 2014 - 8:59 pm

Melessa Lawson - What a beautiful young lady

July 15, 2014 - 8:59 pm

Melessa Lawson - What a beautiful young lady