Christina :: Senior Photography on Broadway

Christina :: Senior Photography on Broadway

Christina is a bubbly senior at Zionsville High School performing with the Royalaires and the Chamber Choir. She spent the last two summers performing and training with Stagedoor Manor  just outside of New York City. When speaking with her mom we realized that we would both be in NYC at the same time, so why not do part of her senior session on Broadway! We made plans to meet in Times Square and start our shooting there. As we started to shoot and took out some lighting equipment it was fun to see the number of people start to take photos of Chrsitina. They started to ask. “Who is she?”


We convinced the hotdog/pretzel vendor that the shoot wouldn’t be complete without him!! He willingly obliged!

We left Times Square and headed over to The New York Public Library. It’s one of my favorite buildings in the city. I was a bit disappointed that the Main Reading Room was under construction and we were unable to shoot in there. Actually without a permit we shouldn’t have been shooting professionally in the building but were unaware until we were finishing up. One of the guards made us aware of the permit procedure and then promptly asked us to leave:-) 

Christina’s family had come in to New York to take in the sites before bringing her back to Indiana. Her brother Noah was excited to have purchased a journal at the Library. A journal that he planned to write down all of his wonderful ideas!


As we left the library we headed out back to take a few photos in Bryant Park. The park is so different from what it was when I was a kid. It use to be a place that you NEVER went near, even though the library was right there. But in 1988 The Bryant Park Corporation took hold of the area and began a four year planned revival of the park. The result is a gorgeous, nearly ten acre park that holds restaurants, a impressive fountain, carousel, game area for game enthusiasts and monuments. Beautiful trees create avenues around the perimeter of the park and it is a perfect place to photograph a stunning high school senior. 

Before leaving the park Christina and Noah took a spin on the carousel before we headed out. Thank you Barnes Family for meeting me and allowing me to create images that truly reflect who Christina is!

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