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Buon Giorno! Saturday morning session in Zionsville, IN.

The text I received at 6:22 am on Saturday morning dinged loudly as I waited for my coffee at Starbucks. My second “Buon Giorno” Saturday morning session was about to get underway and Shannon wanted me to know that the garage door was open and I should just “come on in”. When I arrived, Shannon’s husband, Mike, greeted me at the door and invited me into their very quiet home. There was almost a faint hum that seemed to permeate throughout the house where three children slept. I would learn later as we crept upstairs to photograph sleeping angels, that the “hum” I had heard earlier was actually a white noise machine outside the kids bedrooms. There were so many things about Shannon and Mike’s home that said “children occupy this space”. The white noise machine, blackout curtains in the kids rooms, kids table in the kitchen for puzzles and games, baskets of books…everywhere:-) All of these little things speak volumes of the loving, warm and caring home Mike and Shannon have created for their children. This photo hanging in the kitchen window sums it all up!
Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_000Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_001The mantra in my household that my husband repeated over and over again when our kids were little…”Never wake a sleeping baby.” I didn’t mean to wake the youngest, but when her momma pulled back the curtains so that I would have light to work with, she stirred…and then cried…and then the day began! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get middle child sleeping because he actually had made it downstairs first. Oldest child…snug as a bug in a rug:-)

Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_002Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_003Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_004Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_005So the rule of the house is thirty minutes of tv watching…and little man snuggled in to watch Transformers while his sisters sorted through the tons of books. The youngest thought that I should be included in the reading session and promptly placed the book in my lap so that we could practice all the animal noises she pointed out.


I remember Shannon posting on FB about her little guy being so proud that he was able to straddle the doorway like his big sister….impressive! And as the morning moved on and breakfast was consumed here and there, big sister challenged her brother to a favorite game of ours from years gone by…Guess Who?Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_010Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_011Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_012The youngest didn’t appreciate being left out of the game, so dad coaxed her into a game of Go Fish:-) And as kids do…when they hear others having a good time they have to join in, so the whole family was then making pairs of fish and crabs and starfish. Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_013Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_014Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_015Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_016Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_017Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_018Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_019Rounding up three kids to get teeth brushed and dressed requires a team….but as any parent knows, sometimes it turns silly:-)


Little man was dressed and ready to go! I was tempted to tell him that he should get use to waiting…sisters take a bit longer:-)Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_033Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_034

Funny moment…the little guy asked Mike to check on the weather on his phone. When he learned it would be sunny and beautiful all day he seemed disappointed. Mike asked him why he would be upset that it was going to be nice out. He said, “I don’t get to play the Wii. ” Here’s what I love about that conversation. Mike and Shannon have already instilled in their young kids that being outside is better than being inside. Going to the pool (which they do a lot because their oldest is on the swim team and little man is taking lessons), playing on the swing set, helping with the gardening, catching bugs and feeding them grass….are all part of a great childhood. Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_035Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_036Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_037Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_038Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_039Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_040Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_041Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_042

I love toddlers. I love their mood swings, their inability to tell you exactly what they want because they don’t have tons of words yet, and I love their CUTE. LITTLE. CHUBBY. FEET!Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_043

Yep….Daddy will need a big stick:-)Indianapolis-family-photography-zionsville-saturday-mornings_044Big sister pointed out that you could still see the moon in the sky…cloud formations and other things occupied blanket time!

Shannon and Mike…thank you for allowing me to witness your Saturday morning. It was so wonderful to watch the interactions you had with all three of your children. You are amazing parents and your children are experiencing what I like to term, “great love”. Thank you for being part of my “Buon Giorno” sessions. Much Love!!

If you are interested in capturing images of your family on Saturday morning, go ahead and shoot me an email! I love meeting new families:-)

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