Arizona Weddings Part Two :: Boojum Tree Hidden Garden

The first conversation I had with Caitrin about her wedding was while I was standing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was really loud in the museum and I ducked outside to sit on the front steps to take the call. Caitrin gave me some details about her day and the venue that she and Matt had chosen, and I knew I wanted to shoot this wedding. It would be my very first Arizona wedding and I was completely stoked. I had built up the day in my mind so much that I was a bit worried that I might be disappointed somehow. That never happened. The day was absolutely spectacular and I’m know every person who attended had an amazing time.The wedding and reception were held at the Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens. It is a wonderful secluded venue that has a bajillion places for eager photographers to shoot bridal parties. It was the perfect backdrop for Caitrin and Matt’s day.If you LOVE Caitrin and Matt’s images hit the Facebook button at the bottom of this post or leave some comments for the couple below!!

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