And a Family was born…

When I first met Amy’s family a few years ago she wasn’t present. I was photographing Amy’s brother, his wife , kids and her parents. I instantly fell in love with the Diamondstein family and how welcoming they all were. Watching how families interact is one of my favorite things to do. So when through a mutual friend I was invited to photograph their wedding, I couldn’t have been more excited. The venue, Boojum Tree Hidden Garden, is one of my favorites in Phoenix. It just has such a fun, happy, carefree vibe and that was a perfect match for Amy and Warren. I loved every moment of the day. What was most evident was the love that sizzled among all of the guests. Literally sizzled. There was an electric air of happiness and I believe it was the knowledge that Amy and Warren both had found their complete family. In the process of finding each other, and the addition of Warren’s two children, a new family was born. I feel honored to have been part of their day. Enjoy the photos and please feel free to eave the new family a love comment below. 

Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0001
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0002
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0003
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0004
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0005
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0006
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0007
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0009
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0010
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0011
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0012
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0013
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0008
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0016

Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0015
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0017
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0018
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0019
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0020
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0021
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0022
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0023
Boojum Tree_Arizona_Wedding_Family_0024

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